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    Elemntary School “Sveti Sava” Kakmuž


    The Elementary School “Sveti Sava” Kakmuž, Petrovo Municipality, covers three local communities (Kakmuž-central school), Sočkovac and Karanovac (regional schools-classes). The central school building was built in 1972 and since then it has been partially renovated and rehabilitated for the smooth running of teaching activities. In 2003, the building was generally renovated with the funds from the RS Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

    This five-grade school has combined classes.

    The Central School in Kakmuž needed a laptop and a projector to improve the teaching and educational process, and the regional school in Sočkovac (which was renovated) needed a video surveillance system for better student safety and security of the school building (cameras and DVR recorder with accessories).

    Knowing the needs of the School, i.e. its regional educational departments, the staff of EKI Doboj Office, organized the purchase and donation of laptops, projectors, surveillance cameras and DVR recorders through EKI’s “Socially Responsible Actions“ Project. This donation, in addition to the improved quality of teaching, has significantly improved the safety of students during their stay at school.

    On the occasion of the hand-over of the donation, the teaching staff, led by the school principal, warmly welcomed the representatives of EKI, and expressed their gratitude for recognizing their needs and finding solutions for better and safer working conditions of the regional units of the Elementary School “Sveti Sava” Kakmuž.

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