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    Elementary School „Novi grad“ Tuzla


    Public Institution „Novi grad“ is located in the City of Tuzla, and it was established a long time ago, back in 1960. This is a nine-grade elementary school attended by around 680 students. It encompasses three local communities: Novi grad 1, Brčanska malta and Ši selo. Knowing about the EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, the staff of the School addressed EKI Tuzla Office with a request for a donation of sports accessories and equipment in order to improve the quality of physical education and training classes. The school did not have a single volleyball or football ball, the equipment for competition in volleyball, and also the volleyball net was in a rather poor condition.

    Last year, the students of this School achieved outstanding results in competitions at the city and canton level, although they had a very scarce budget. The donation provided by EKI made them all sincerely happy and motivated.

    They expressed their great gratitude to EKI for the donation, support, and generosity, because the donated equipment will contribute to better working conditions for the proper growth and development of this School’s students.

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