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    Elementary School “Hasan Kikić” Gradačac


    Elementary School “Hasan Kikić” Vida 1 Gradačac is a nine-grade school attended by around 470 pupils. Along with its field/branch schools, it covers the villages: Vida, Lukavac, Novalići and Rajska. Some school pupils are disabled children. After the construction of the school in 2004, which was done with the help provided by the people of Japan and their humanitarian organization JICA, there were no other major investments in the school building or in the equipment necessary for the teaching process. This lack of adequate teaching equipment was mainly felt by the pupils with disabilities, especially in their ICT classes. Given the fact that EKI places special focus on help for institutions working with disabled children within their Socially Responsible Actions Project, there was no doubt in EKI’s response to the request for help that EKI received from this school’s teaching staff, in which they asked for help in purchase of teaching accessories. The donated equipment (keyboard Clevy color, switch Jelly Bean Twist and Optima Trackball) helps and eases the use of computers for the disabled children, who have motoric disabilities, sight impairment, intellectual and sensor difficulties.

    “While we are not able to affect the improvement of health conditions of the youngest members of our society, we are happy to at least help them in their daily routines, in both school activities and their extracurricular activities”, said the representative of EKI Gradačac on the occasion of handover of the donated equipment.

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