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    Elementary School “Hasan Kikić”, Gradačac


    The Elementary School “Hasan Kikić” Vida 1 Gradačac is a nine-grade school attended by around 470 students, along with the school branches in Lukavac, Novalići and Rajska. The school was built in 2004 with the funds donated by the Japanese people through the humanitarian organization JICA.

    Given the fact that the school does not have its own gym, the students have their PE classes in classrooms and on the asphalted surface in the school yard.

    The School staff addressed the EKI Office and asked for a donation to purchase the equipment necessary to carry out PE classes, and their request was immediately responded to by EKI donating balls for volleyball and basketball, mats and fast ladder.

    The students and the teaching staff of the Elementary School “Hasan Kikić” expressed their sincere gratitude for the donation, while EKI once more completed the mission of its “Socially Responsible Actions” Project.

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