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    Elementary School “Gornja Koprivna”


    Elementary school “Gornja Koprivna” in the municipality of Cazin, was part of the Elementary School “Nurija Pozderac” until 1978 as a branch department, and it then got separated and began to operate as an independent school. There are 14 classes in the elementary school building and it is currently attended by 509 students, while classes take place in two shifts. The physical education classes have for a long time been held without basic adequate equipment such as that for basketball, handball, football and volleyball. EKI Bihać office staff recognized the needs of this school and decided to donate the balls that children need for the physical education classes. The employees of the school were visibly delighted with EKI’s donation, and the students were looking forward to the next physical education classes, so that they can try out the new props as soon as possible. The work and effort of the teaching staff who work with children on sports activities can be seen in the number of medals won, cups, both individual and team, where students from this school traditionally win and achieve good results in all sports. We hope that our donation will facilitate the realization of these classes and at least partially contribute to the future sporting success of the Elementary School “Gornja Koprivna“.

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