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    Elementary School “Desanka Maksimović” Stanari


    Recently EKI Doboj received a request for support from the Elementary School “Desanka Maksimović” Stanari, as they needed assistance in purchase of video projector and projection screen in order to modernize their IT classroom and improve the level of IT classes teaching.

    The Elementary School “Desanka Maksimović” is located in Stanari and they operate as a nine-grade elementary school with the total of 464 students. The School has an IT classroom with few computers and they need a video projector and a projection screen to complete the IT teaching process. The EKI staff members visited the School and confirmed that this need was justified so they immediately donated the School through EKI’s Project “Socially Responsible Actions”. By donating the necessary equipment EKI helped the School in equipping the IT classroom, and that way EKI made the work of teachers easier and enabled the students with better quality of lectures, through which they increase their knowledge.

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