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    Elementary School „Ahmet Hromadžić“, Bosanski Petrovac


    Elementary School “Ahmet Hromadžić” is a school in the municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, and it has several regional schools.

    The previous investments in this elementary school in Bosanski Petrovac, and in the schools in the villages, mainly included repair of sanitary facilities, roofs, carpentry, etc.

    The least invested and renovated were sports fields, and they also have certain difficulties with consumable sports equipment.

    For a long time now, physical education classes in this School have been held without basic adequate equipment (balls for basketball, handball, football and volleyball), and the School also lacks table tennis rackets, which students especially like.

    The staff of EKI Bosanski Petrovac recognized the needs of this School and provided a donation of equipment that is necessary for the normal realization of this part of the Curriculum. The employees of the School were visibly delighted with EKI’s donation, and the students were looking forward to the physical education classes, where they would try out the new equipment.

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