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    EKO Casting Camp, Živinice 2019


    On 15 June 2019 the sixth traditional competition “EKO Casting Camp” took place in Živinice. This is an event dedicated to sports and environment protection/ecology, and it is organized annually.

    This year competition hosted 16 teams of fishing and ecology groups from elementary schools, and also teams from other sport clubs organized by citizens of Živinice.

    The motto of the competition was “We are the greatest when we make the youngest happy”, and knowing that EKI is socially responsible organization that dedicates special attention to the youngest members of the community, the staff members of the EKI Office in Živinice participated in this very useful and educational event. Besides the catering, EKI provided symbolic gifts for the visitors and participants of the “EKO Casting Camp”.

    The event took place in the local park, where the best ranking participants were awarded medals and trophies, while all of the participants received appropriate presents. In the world of children, everyone is a winner.

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