• EKI helps the health care institutions throughout BiH


    EKI helps the health care institutions throughout BiH

    In these times when we are all fighting against the “invisible” danger called COVID-19, responsible actions and behavior are needed more than ever before. In order to reduce the risk of virus spreading it is imperative to respect the “Stay at Home” order and minimize our social contacts, but it is also necessary to provide help to those who most needed it now.

    EKI allocated 50.000 BAM for the purchase of equipment necessary for medical care of the diseased and for prevention of potential spread of epidemy. Based on the feedback received from the institutions that received the donations, the used the funds to purchase protection masks, gloves, disinfection agents, contact-free thermometers, and other accessories required by hospitals, Red Cross, Health Care Centers, Retirement Homes, in Živinice Kalesija, Banovići, Teočak, Mostar, Trebinje, Nevesinje, Bileća, Rogatica, Sokolac, Foča, Zenica, Tuzla, Prijedor, Banja Luka, Modriča, Šamac, Gradačac, Doboj, Bihać, Velika Kladuša, Bugojno, Brčko, Bijeljina, Sarajevo…

    #StayAtHome #JednostavnoEKI

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