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    EKI donation to the Primary School “Čapljina”, Čapljina

    EKI donacija za kupovinu sportske opreme u OŠ Čapljina

    EKI donation to the Primary School “Čapljina”, Čapljina

    “Čapljina” Primary School is located in the town of the same name in the south of our country. Total of 278 students are distributed in 22 classes attend the school and the associated regional schools Počitelj, Višići, Domanovići, Bivolje brdo and Opličići.

    With the great effort and commitment of the management and employees, all the mentioned schools were equipped and optimal conditions were created for the teaching process. One of the problems they had was the lack of quality sports equipment for conducting physical education classes. Wanting to provide students with better conditions for classes, they recognized EKI as a socially responsible organization and turned to us for help.

    As part of the Socially Responsible Actions during 2021, financial resources were allocated for the purchase of sports equipment for this school as well. The donation consisted of various props and sports equipment such as: volleyball, basketball, handball and soccer balls, mats, skipping ropes, hoops, medicine balls, etc.

    During the handover, school principal, Harisa Džaferović, thanked EKI for the help provided. We hope that the new sports equipment will make the further teaching process easier for them and make work with students of a higher quality.

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