• The EKI Days, Vlašić 2019


    The EKI Days, Vlašić 2019

    On Friday, 12 April 2019, EKI gathered all of its employees on the occasion of our traditional celebration of anniversary of EKI’s work. This year’s gathering was organized in the restaurant EKO-FIS at Vlašić.

    In addition to pleasant socializing of EKI employees, this year we also prepared an overview of our business results so far, and presented the goals and plans for 2019. The EKI CEO commended all of the employees for their achievements, work and commitment, which was followed by regular annual award to employees who marked 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service in EKI.

    It is an honor to have loyal employees, who function as a team and jointly participate in growth and development of EKI.

    We are certain that we shall have the next anniversary with an even larger team of employees, more successful and stronger.

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