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    Donation for the Volleyball Academy “Dijana Vasić”


    The Sports Academy “Dijana Vasić” from Brčko was founded in November 2017 with the goal to enhance the sports culture of all nations and nationalities in BiH and wider. Also, their objective is to encourage children to take up sports, because sport activities will enable them to gain valuable knowledge and experiences. It is crucial for the children to learn at the earliest age how to cope with victories and failures, to build sports spirit and adopt healthy living habits, which directly affects their further building of self-confidence and will help the children to grow into healthy good persons.

    At the very beginning of their operations, the Academy had around 80 children enrolled, and this number is growing on a daily basis. Given the fact that this Association invested their own funds in purchase of the necessary equipment and accessories for trainings, they could always use some additional financial assistance. Therefore, EKI showed up as a donor, within the EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, and donated the Academy with T-shirts and balls for trainings, which made the trainings much easier for the youngest members of the Volleyball Academy “Dijana Vasić”.

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