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    Donation To Doboj Schools


    In early October 2014 the MCF EKI branch office in Doboj donated sports equipment and accessories for the schools that suffered damages during the May floods in Doboj.

    In the talks with school principles we jointly defined priorities of great importance for children in school. The school principles emphasized the need for sports equipment and accessories for their gyms that were being renovated at the time.

    EKI is implementing socially responsible actions with special focus on children and youth and so we donated the necessary equipment and accessories including basketball boards with net and balls, as well as net and balls for volleyball.

    The equipment that was donated will primarily serve the children in school and help their healthy development and growth, their upbringing and competitive spirit, which was the main goal of this activity implemented by EKI.

    The schools in Doboj that were supported are: Primary School “Vuk Karadžić” with 1.150 students and it is the only school in this area that has three classes of children with special needs that will also be able to use the donated equipment; Primary School “Sveti Sava“ as the central school with 1.141 students i.e. 1.320 students in total with their branch schools; Grammar School “Jovan Dučić” with 400 students while their gym is also used by 800 students of the Primary School “Dositej Obradović“.

    Through these donations EKI wishes to stimulate the sports spirit among the children and to provide them with support in their small and big school successes and to motivate them for good and humanitarian deeds in the community we live in.

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