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    Donation to the Regional School Modrac, Lukavac


    The donation that we present to you today, which EKI carried out as part of Socially Responsible Actions, was dedicated to the students and employees of the Modrac Regional School, which is located in the municipality of Lukavac.

    This school is currently attended by 18 students, but although there are few of them, they were hardworking last year, and with very modest financial resources, achieved enviable results in various city and cantonal competitions. The management of the school turned to us with a request for a donation of sports props and equipment, in order to make it easier for students to carry out physical education classes.

    They had a rather limited and scarce range of equipment, so EKI came to meet them and donated the sports equipment they needed to make the classes as high-quality as possible.

    As you can see in the photo, the donation arrived at the happiest time of the year, before the New Year holidays. We hope that this gift made their holidays even more beautiful and that they were motivated to be even better and more hard-working this year.

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