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    Donation for Public Institution “Kindergarten” Bihać


    As part of EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, which is implemented by EKI each year throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EKI Bihać donated didactical toys to the Public Institution “Kindergarten” Bihać. The City’s Kindergarten is located in two separate buildings with total accommodation capacities for 380 children, divided in 16 groups according to their age. Based on the information that EKI Bihać Office staff learned from the Kindergarten Director, they were missing didactical toys, which are very important for proper psycho-motoric development of children in the age of 1 to 6. EKI donated those toys to the Kindergarten so that the children have better quality of educational equipment for their daily activities. The handover of the equipment was symbolically organized on the International Children’s Day, and the joy of kids from this Kindergarten made the handover ceremony special for everyone.

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