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    Donation of equipment to the Elementary School “Vozuća“


    The Elementary School “Vozuća” is located in the local community of Vozuća, ZAvidovići Municipality, and has a central/main school attended by 145 students, and field/local schools in Ribnica (with 167 students), in Šljivići (with 50 students), and in Maoča (with 3 students).

    As part of socially responsible actions that have been implemented by MCF EKI for years now, the employees of MCF EKI Branch Office in Zenica have recognized this school’s need for a copy machine, multi-function device and a desktop.

    The EKI employees learned about this school in their contacts with the school’s staff members and through contacts with the Zenica-Doboj Cantonal Pedagogy Department.

    The donated equipment will be used by all of the school’s staff members and by the associations that are active in the area of Vozuća. The School publishes an annual almanac and its publishing will now be a lot easier with the new equipment.

    When the KEI employees visited the Elementary School “Vozuća” the received a thank you note from the students and the teachers for the donation that made their work in school nicer and easier.

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