• Donation of Inverter AC to the Association “Duga“ in Tuzla

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    Donation of Inverter AC to the Association “Duga“ in Tuzla


    Association of Persons with Disabilities “Duga” was founded in 2011. The Association’s beneficiaries are children and young persons with multiple disabilities, and the Association’s professionals and staff work daily with them to help them habilitate/rehabilitate their cognitive, sensory, perceptive, and socio-emotional capacities and to help them resolve many other issues. Various experts support the work of this Association (Speech pathologists, Psychologists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, etc. Since December 2018, the Association “Duga” is located in the office space owned by the City Administration, which is mainly furnished and decorated, while there is no heating. Therefore, the Association’s staff addressed EKI Tuzla with a request for donation of Inverter AC, which would solve their heating issue, while during summer it would also provide cooling. EKI Tuzla employees were happy to respond to this request and have provided the requested device for the “Duga” Association, knowing it will help them resolve the he problem they had during winter. Association’s beneficiaries and the all of their staff members expressed their sincere gratitude to EKI for this significant donation.

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