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    Donation of flip charts for Elementary School “Gornja Sapna”


    Field Elementary School “Gornja Sapna” was founded as a five-grade school acting within the Public Institution Elementary School “Sapna” in Sapna. Due to major percentage of population that has left this area, in the 2018/2019 academic year the school organized classes in only one shift with the total of 68 pupils enrolled in 4 grades. Because of such a lack of children, combined classes are organized within one grade.

    The Field Elementary School “Gornja Sapna” is one of the schools with high level of equipment thanks to the commitment and initiatives of their teaching staff and their good cooperation with World Vision. The School Staff addressed EKI Office in Živinice with a request for donation of flip charts, which would add quality to the teaching process and increase the efficiency of pupils’ learning.

    EKI was happy to respond to this request within EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, and provided the School with flip charts. The School Staff and pupils expressed tehri gratitude for the donated equipment, and EKI staff was pleased to be so warmly received by the School staff who presented EKI with Certificates of Appreciation, which was decorated by pupils’ drawings, making it even more precious.

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