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    Dear All,

    Microcredit organization EKI was established through the Microcredit Programme of World Vision International (WVI) and it has been running a successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina for over 20 years. Today, EKI is one of the leading microcredit institutions in BiH and the loans we offer are aimed at business start-ups and improvement of agriculture, crafts and small business. For many years now EKI has been successfully working with tens of thousands of clients and this number is growing each day.

    Since its establishment in 1996 EKI has been continuously enabling access to finance for persons who have no access to bank loans, especially for those who live in low-income families that would be struggling for mere existence if it wasn’t for this type of support and improvement of small businesses.

    In 2013 EKI started a microcredit company enabling disbursement of loans up to 50.000 BAM. In line with its mission and over two decades EKI has been systematically and institutionally supporting creation of new and sustaining of existing jobs in micro businesses and in agriculture.

    For the past 15 years EKI has been active in market research and one of the key topics was clients’ satisfaction with the products and services offered by EKI. Through this research we find out about the problems our clients are faced with in their daily lives and at work, and we also learn about the ways they overcome these problems.

    Through communication with clients we most commonly come across the problem of product placement.

    The clients normally do not have a problem in producing something, but they face problems once they need to sell their products. In order to help the, EKI introduced a new service for its existing clients. The new service is EKI Business Club with the purpose to enable links among the clients so as to place products where the demand is and also to access information on the offer of various goods they might need.

    EKI Business club member can be any active EKI client involved in some kind of business activity.

    Your advertisement will be published in the EKI Newsletter and a hard copy will be available to all member of EKI Business Club, and will also be distributed to all EKI offices. This way you can rest assured that the goods you are selling will be seen by tens of thousands of beneficiaries, which make your sales prospects much higher.

    On the other hand, members of EKI Business Club have the opportunity to regularly receive information on any changes taking place in EKI (introduction of a new loan, ongoing campaigns for certain products, important notices related to EKI clients, etc.). This way the members have the opportunity to receive advice from experts in agriculture and small business, and to get familiarized with the basics of finances (financial education). Also, they have a chance to exchange experience with their colleagues who are in the same type of business through a regular feature “Clients’ Success Stories”.

    Agro-calendar reminds the farmers and agricultural producers when a certain farming activity is to take place during a month. Members of the EKI Business Club will have access to plenty useful information that can benefit their business, help them grow and get stronger.

    The mission of EKI is: „To reduce economic causes of poverty in BiH”, and EKI Business Club will certainly play a role in contributing to completing this mission.


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