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    Decorating the Playground of the Kindergarten in Živinice


    Public Institution Kindergarten “Dječije obdanište” Živinice is the only kindergarten in Živinice, which accommodates children from 6 months to school age, and also to elementary school students who require extended day care. Due to increased interest in the kindergarten’s services, their accommodation capacities have been expanded. Next to the Kindergarten building, there is a park/playground in which the children have parts of their entertainment and practical educational activities. This park is equipped with some accessories (wooden house, train, boat, teeters), but these have not been renovated in a while. As part of EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, the employees of EKI Živinice Office have decided to help the staff and beneficiaries of the Kindergarten in a joint action of refreshing the playground and bringing its shine back to life again. In addition to painting the accessories, EKI also provided a new shoe shelf, placed jointly by the participants of decorating action.

    By procuring the materials necessary to decorate the playground along with direct participation of EKI employees along with Kindergarten’s staff, teachers, children and their parents, the playground of the Živinice Kindergarten now has new fresh colors, which painted smiles across the children’s faces. This was a clear proof that our mission has been successfully completed.

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