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    Dario Brekalo


    The Brekalo family lives in the village of Kutilivač near Mostar. Mr. Dario and his wife Amela have been in the farming business for years now, along with greenhouse production of vegetables and cultivating of immortelle flowers. This family tradition has been lovingly embraced by the descendants. The Brekalo household owns four cows and one calf, a greenhouse in which they grow tomatoes, peppers and collard greens, but they also have 1ha of land with immortelle flowers planted. Whenever they have the opportunity, they sell milk, and everything that they produce or grow in their household: immortelle flowers, vegetables or cattle is guaranteed for sale. The income that they generate through this business allows them to cover for the expenses of their household and for their two children’s education. The Brekalo spouses say that the EKI loans are always of great assistance to them, whenever they need a new investment or when they need to overcome an obstacle in their business. They say that it means a great deal to them that they have a reliable partner they can always contact in the time of need. The keys to their business success are love and commitment, hard work and serious approach to business.

    “I am an active member of the EKI Business Club and I regularly receive the EKI newsletter at my home address. The content of the EKI Newsletter is very interesting, useful and I love to read it,” stated Mr. Dario.

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