• At Clients’ Service for 25 Years – Simply EKI


    At Clients’ Service for 25 Years – Simply EKI

    Five years ago, when we marked twenty years of successful and responsible business operations, we set the goal for ourselves that we will strive to maintain the high quality of service that our organization provides to its clients.

    Today, as we mark the 25th anniversary of EKI, we can proudly say that we have even surpassed that goal.

    The foundations of our business are made up of transparent, responsible, fair and correct relations with clients, without whom this jubilee would not be possible. EKI exists because of its clients and has been at their service for two and a half decades.

    The main driving force and the strongest link of EKI are its employees, who in a responsible and professional way build cooperation between clients and EKI, to the mutual satisfaction.

    The fact that this spirit of loyalty, responsibility and maximum commitment has prevailed even in the most difficult times, which have been our reality since last year, has a special value for EKI and is highly appreciated.

    Given the current situation that has befallen the whole world, including our country, EKI will not be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary, but will certainly strive to implement a large number of activities, in accordance with available opportunities, aimed at clients, the local community, and its employees. We will regularly inform you about all of the activities through EKI’s communication channels.

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