• Ceremonial Reception in EKI Zenica


    Ceremonial Reception in EKI Zenica

    On the occasion of the expansion of the EKI Zenica Microcredit Company office premises at the old address, Adolf Goldberger Street No. 9, EKI hosted a ceremonial reception for the clients, business partners and colleagues from other EKI branches and affiliates on 20 November 2017. With this reception the staff of the MCC EKI Zenica wanted to welcome their clients and business associates and to show them gratitude for the successful cooperation, thanks to which the EKI Zenica branch office expanded their premises.

    During the reception, the guests and attendees talked about many topics, and most importantly the atmosphere was more than pleasant, which was clearly evident. EKI employees acted as true hosts to our guests and made sure they felt comfortable and relaxed. Judging by the good mood and the obvious satisfaction of all present, EKI staff succeeded in doing so.

    In our future work in new and pleasant premises we will surely provide even better service to our clients, which in fact is the core mission of Microcredit Company EKI.

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