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    Celebration of 20 years of Successful Business Operations of MCF EKI


    The celebration of 20 years of successful business operations of Microcredit Foundation EKI in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place on 22 April 2016 in Hotel „Zenica“ in Zenica.

    Marking this significant jubilee was made ceremonious by attendance of great number of guests. Along with the current employees of MCF and MCC EKI, the celebration was attended by former EKI employees, members of the Steering Committee, representatives of WVI, MCF EKI investors, colleagues from other financial institutions, and business partners from various industries.

    During the official part of the ceremony, the guests were addressed by Mrs. Sadina Bina, CEO, who warmly greeted all the guests and thanked them for coming. She then shortly looked back at the last 20 years and expressed her sincere satisfaction with the successes and accomplishments of our Foundation, emphasizing team work as the key to success, as well as hard work and commitment of all of the employees. It is important to note, that in her address the CEO placed a special stress on EKI clients saying that without them EKI would not exist and it is thanks to their trust and loyalty that EKI paved the road to success.

    The guests were also addressed by Mr. Stevo Sotonica, former member of the Steering Committee, who greeted the guests and congratulated EKI and all who are related to EKI on the 20th birthday expressing his pleasure to have been a member of the Steering Committee and taking part in the EKI’s twenty years long success story. Mr. Sotonica underlined that EKI’s clients contributed to the success that is being celebrated by choosing the organization to work with and to place their trust in. He wished everyone a continuation of successful cooperation with clients by providing them with the best services for many years to come.

    A short movie on EKI was also made and the main actors of the movie are EKI’s clients. The movie was shown in the official part of the ceremony and it focuses on the development path of EKI and our clients and on EKI’s and clients’ long-term plans and goals.

    After the movie was shown, the EKI employees with longest service with EKI were awarded with Letters of Thanks for 5, 10, 15 years of service, and this year the ones with 20 years of service were also awarded.

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