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    Borrow Wisely


    Borrow Wisely

    Control debt – don’t let it control you!

    The two-year practice of implementing the educational campaign “Borrow Wisely” has shown great positive results in terms of educating our clients on accountable borrowing. The purpose of this campaign is to protect the clients from indebtedness in an accountable and transparent way, and therefore we are again implementing the same concept of campaign this year. The campaign was organized and launched by the Microfinance Centre – an international organization from Warsaw that promotes client protection standards and financial education. The campaign will be implemented from 01 to 31 October this year.


    The activities of protecting the clients from indebtedness will cover the following countries this year: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Kirgizstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Tajikistan, and Ukraine.

    During the campaign that will last throughout the month of October, the EKI staff members will actively communicate with existing and potential clients providing them with all necessary information. Should you require any further details please do contact your closest EKI Office.

    Microfinance Centre (MFC) is the organization that was established back in 1997 and now has 105 members, including micro-financing institutions, investors, and organizations that support micro-financing. The MFC organizes and delivers trainings, consultancy services, networking, and research for its clients, with the purpose of developing the micro-finance services in Europe and Central Asia. The MFC promotes international clients protection standards and financial education.

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