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    Bojan Radišić


    After completing his education, Mr. Bojan Radišić, Agro-Economy Engineer from Malo Palančište near Kozara, returned to his village and utilized the knowledge he had acquired to improve his farm. While studying he was not thinking about staying at the countryside. He participated in numerous seminars, visited various agricultural fairs, and worked with colleagues in a variety of projects. Not having found employment in his own profession, Bojan began working as a trader. Through expanding acquaintances and meeting people, a year ago he decided to start his own greenhouse production in Malo Palančište, the area known for its fertile soil. Step by step, he raised funds, took a loan, registered his property, built the first and shortly after the second greenhouse. Around 10,000 BAM loans funds were invested in the two greenhouses of 180 square meters and Bojan now grows tomatoes and peppers in them.

    From early spring until autumn the works are rather intense. By now, the whole family has become engaged in the farm. All of his produce are sold at the Prijedor area through referrals and personal contacts. When he started his business he had some dilemmas. He says he was not sure whether they will have enough time to work in the greenhouse, because he works in shifts in his shop. However, with good organization everything can be done. He thinks that this is an ideal opportunity for a young person to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills and get practice. He hopes that this will become a serious business and he is certainly on the right track by now. His message is that young people should seek self-employment opportunities and they should not fantasize about working exclusively in the state administration. As he points out, it is important for the young to develop their potential to meet the needs of the real sector.

    Bojan plans on staying at the countryside, expanding greenhouse production, and perhaps one day he will be in the position to create jobs for the young who want to be in this business. In the situation with a growing crisis, the business environment is very bad, but Bojan sees a chance for new projects in it. According to him, whatever a young person starts in BiH they will not have major competition. He believes that one needs to be persistent and he is convinced that agriculture holds greatest opportunities for all.

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