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    Mrs. Besima Ezić from Bosanska Krupa has been engaged in growing and processing fruit and in beekeeping for seventeen years. She was among the first farmers in BiH who started the cultivation of “Polka” variety of raspberries. She started with 200 seedlings that she bought for her own needs, and after a few years she expanded the farm to 2,000 seedlings. She regularly attends educational workshops, where she acquires additional knowledge about the business she runs, and numerous certificates confirm this.

    Her whole family, and often friends, help her in her work, and she also hires pickers during the harvest. Mrs. Besima points out that the income from her business provides a normal life for her and her family, without stress and thinking about whether she will be able to settle her obligations on time.

    She considers the planning of each subsequent activity to be the key to her success, then the quality of the product she achieves using old recipes. Every beginning is uncertain and requires some support, which was provided to Mrs. Ezić by EKI. The first loan she took out was a smaller amount, to see how it works and not to burden the household budget too much. With the expansion of her business activities, cooperation with EKI has become continuous, because EKI is always there when needed.

    Today, the Ezić household and their fruit and honey products are widely known. Their honey has even reached Dubai, and many domestic companies buy the arranged baskets of their products to offer as gifts to their international business partners.

    The recommendation of satisfied consumers, good packaging and, most importantly, good product quality, are their best advertisement.

    Mrs. Besima’s message to all who want to engage in the same or related business is to have the will and desire for what they do, to pay special attention to product quality, to be regularly educated about the business they have chosen and for the final product to be packaged in quality and appealing packaging.

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