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    Basketball Club Sokolac brings together and works with children in the age of 8 to 18, but they also have a team that competes in the BiH Regional League. The Club was established in 2014 as a successor of the Basketball Club Glasinac, that was active in this region since the 1970’s. Nowadays the Club has 50 members and 2 coaches. They are mainly funded from the Municipal Budget, which is rather scarce. They use the premises of the sports hall in Sokolac for their training sessions and for matches, and this is mainly covered by the funding provided by children’s parents. The last time they purchased sports sportswear for the children was in 2015 and as the children grow the jerseys from 2015 are basically useless now. All this added to their difficult conditions for work and also for children’s loss of motivation for sports.

    The Club’s representatives addressed the EKI Office in Foča/Sokolac asking for financial assistance to purchase sportswear for their boys.

    As always, EKI was happy to respond and they donated the Basketball Club Sokolac with jerseys and hoodies for pioneers and minor pioneers. This enabled the young players to participate in matches with appropriate and unified sportswear, which, along with their good results, will help them represent their Club in the best possible light.

    The children today are exposed to many negative impacts, bad habits, spending whole days with their smartphones and computers as the main source of fun, therefore making sports popular and attractive is of great importance, so as to help the children grow and become healthy and successful persons.

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