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    Bahrija Subašić


    The core business of Mr. Subašić from Odžak is beekeeping and taxidermy of wild animals. He is also into farming and chicken breeding. He has been into the taxidermy business since his childhood (1966), and in beekeeping business since 1997, when he returned to Odžak from Germany, where he had lived for many years. Even while staying in Germany he did not neglect his love of beekeeping. He inherited the love of taxidermy from his father who used to be hunter, and this business generates income for his family nowadays.

    The Subašić family tradition is now transferred onto his sons as he plans on withdrawing from the business soon. He believes that hard work, persistence and belief in his work have been the keys to his success.

    Mr. Subašić thinks that the loan he took to purchase the necessary equipment for both businesses has been a great part of his success.
    Although he used to have secured sales, and nowadays extra efforts are required for reaching more customers, he still believes that a combination of his two businesses and a serious approach to running business can generate sufficient income for one family.

    Mr. Subašić recommends all who are in the same business, especially those in the beekeeping business, that serious and accountable approach to running a business is a must if one wants to succeed and maintain one’s business.

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