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    Azur Tučić


    Azur Tučić from Tuzla, continued his father’s business of breeding egg-laying hens. It all started a few years ago with 400 egg-laying hens, and the Tučić household currently has 12.000 hens. In addition to selling consumer eggs, Mr. Tučić and his family started a side business, production of organic manure/fertilizers and have thus earned double benefits. Firstly, they solved the issue of disposal of hens’ manure, and secondly through processing of manure they produced organic fertilizers, for which there is a great demand on the market. Apart from parents who still help and support Azur in his business, he also has two full-time employees in the „Tučić Eggs“ store. Mr. Azur says that the income generated through this business is sufficient for normal living standards. He adds that the EKI loans have helped hi greatly in growth and expansion of his business, as he never managed to save enough money for investments. As for the market placement of the eggs, they mainly supply the retail stores in Tuzla Canton.

    Mr. Tučić’s key to success and also advice to those planning on starting the same or similar business is that work, efforts and persistence are prerequisite for success.

    „So far, I have advertised the sale of eggs through EKI Newsletter, and now I also advertise the sale of organic fertilizers. I am expecting to be contacted by buyers, because the fertilizers are very good for green houses, which are very common, both large and the small-scale family ones“, said Mr. Azur.

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