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    Atif Mešić from Gornja Višća, Živinice Municipality, is active in agriculture through his business of production and sale of milk. He lives with his wife and daughter in their family house. His wife is significantly involved in the milk production. They currently own 8 dairy cows. This family also has their own mechanization for land cultivation, including a tractor with all necessary attachments. The market placement and payment collection are regular so the Mešić family generates regular income from their business, which is sufficient for normal living standards, as they say. This family’s key to success is in the commitment of both spouses and their desire to produce the best quality milk. Significant merit is also attributed to EKI loans, with which they have expanded and intend to further expand their business. Their advice to all those who are in the same line of business or plan on starting it, is that they must be persistent and must have faith in their own work, and only then the results will be inevitable.

    “I am a member of EKI Business Club and I am very happy with the content I find in the EKI Newsletter, so I gladly recommend it to my neighbors”, stated Mr. Mešić.

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