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    Association of Parents and Citizens “Our Children”


    The Association of Parents and Citizens for Help to Children with Difficulties in Learning and Inclusion “Our Children” operates in Kiseljak and currently has 14 children as members. The youngest member is 6 and the oldest 15 years of age.

    The financing of the Association is ensured through membership fees and donations by parents of children, and the relevant ministry helps them occasionally. Their educational program is based on voluntary work of the parents of children members of the Association, and on the work of two employees. The Association budget rarely allows for allocation of funds for renewal of their teaching tools that are of great importance for their work. A representative of this Association contacted MCF EKI with a kind inquiry for donation of equipment and didactic material. EKI was glad to respond to this inquiry and we purchased the necessary equipment, which made the work with these children easier and more productive. By purchasing and donating the equipment and didactic material we made their staff and members happy, for which they expressed their gratitude.

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