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    Association “Korak nade“ Brod


    Association of children and young people with disabilities “Korak nade” from Brod has been operational since 2009. For their work they use the premises of the former Elementary School in Brod, which they have adapted to the needs of daily stay of 52 beneficiaries. This is a non-profit association with three volunteers, who work with the children and the young people with disabilities. They are active in production of hand-made artworks, such as hand-made paper-art (greeting cards, etc.). Having learned about the EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, they approached the EKI staff with a request for donation of a TV set and the supplies necessary to produce their paper artworks. Given the fact that the main purpose of this project of EKI’s is to provide assistance to children and the young, who need help the most, EKI was glad to respond to their request and the donation was successfully realized. The donated TV set will enable a more pleasant stay for the children in the association’s premises, while the supplies for production of artworks will help their better and more creative work, and will help them to increase their scope of work, which will surely contribute to having their beneficiaries feel useful and productive.

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