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    Association “Inclusion”, Gornji Rahić


    The Association “Inclusion” was established in 2003 and they are located in Gornji Rahić. The Association exclusively helps the disabled persons and children. They also started a day care centre in Gornji Rahić for educational rehabilitation and working occupation of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. They currently have around 15 children and adults in daily educational and rehabilitation therapy. Also, the Association started a small-scale housing project for persons with intellectual disabilities with the goal of prevention of having them institutionalized. These small housing communities now have 3 persons with intellectual disabilities living in them. The Association members have approached the MCF EKI Brčko office with the request for assistance in purchasing furniture for these housing units. The employees of EKI Brčko responded to this request and donated the necessary bed and wardrobe to the Association “Inclusion” in Gornji Rahić.

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