• Asim Bajrić

    Asim Bajrić


    Asim Bajrić, from Sokolac, is engaged in cattle breeding and bee keeping business. He currently owns 5 cows, 150 sheep, and 25 bee hives. Having returned to his devastated household 16 years ago, Mr. Bajrić rebuilt the house and outbuildings and started with farming business. He says that all this would have been impossible without support from various organizations and the first loan that he took back in 2002 and invested in the cattle fund. This was followed by another loan that was used to purchase a tractor and a pressing machine, which he could not afford with his own funds. Each loan that he took was earmarked, and to prove this he now owns a remarkable cattle fund and entire mechanization line. Agriculture and farming are a tradition in the Bajrić family, and it is being transmitted from generation to generation. After the break in his farming business that was caused by the conflict in the country, he restarted the business and nowadays he is recognized as one of the leading sheep breeders in the municipality. His sons and wife help him in running the business and he claims that the selfless dedication of all family members, constant efforts and commitment are the key to success. Cattle breeding require full-time care. The Bajrić household has no problems with the sale of produce as they have butcher stores in Visoko and Sarajevo as their regular customers, plus they sell significant amounts of produce to individuals too. Mr. Asim has a message for all who are in farming or similar business and that is that efforts and hard work pay off if one is fully committed to work. He also says that cattle breeding is worth investing in, particularly in mountainous areas that offer great conditions for quality cattle breeding.

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