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    Aronia Okanović – Okanović Family, Tuzla


    The Okanović household is located at the foot of the mountain Majevica, where the untouched nature exudes clean and fresh air.

    Close to ten years ago, the Okanović family decided to make the best healthy and beneficial use of the richness of the land in which they lived, and they started to grow aronia (chokeberries). They purchased the seed, planted aronia and patiently waited for the first fruit to yield.

    With the birth of the first aronia, new ideas were born as well, so the Okanović family owns their own factory for processing of natural juices and jams, and for drying fruits and vegetables.

    On their growth path the EKI Loans played an important role, as with the help of those loans they expanded the size of their orchard and they partially procured machinery for processing of fruits and vegetables.

    All members of the family are involved in running the business, which is the key to their success, because their common wish for success, their work and commitment to do their best is the formula for success, according to the Okanović family.

    Given the good quality of their products, which are 100% organic, the market placement of products is not a problem for them, because, at this time of artificial and genetically modified food products, the natural and organic products are in high demand.

    Hence the income they generate from this business is entirely sufficient for their decent living and continuous maintenance and upgrading of the production line.

    Mr. Edin Okanović gave one advice to all those who wish to start such a business is that it is most important to believe in your business idea and be persistent and committed to the realization of the business idea.

    “We advertise our products through EKI Newsletter, and also we advertise the purchase of various fruits, and I can say that this type of advertising is very useful because we had many inquiries about our products and we got offers for the sale as well”, said Mr. Edin.

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