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    Anđa Petković


    Mrs. Petkovic is one of those enterprising women who decided to start her own business after failing to find a proper job. Having returned from Switzerland to Doboj, she got the idea to open a cleaning agency. Her first job was in a beauty salon, where she received further recommendations, and clients started contacting her so the she slowly “conquered” the Doboj market. By gaining a larger number of clients, that included households and companies, there was a need to register a business, which she did in 2008. Since then, her agency works under the name “SD ANJA”.

    Today Mrs. Anđa operates at a high level, and currently has about twenty companies, thirty households for maintenance and daily one-time cleaning services. Last year the business expanded by opening the laundry room for washing and ironing. Mrs. Petković says she would not have done this without the loan that had been her springboard, and later supported her business investments. Mrs. Anđa believes that in order to be successful in business one needs good will, perseverance, patience and responsibility, as well as high quality equipment for the job you do.

    The message that Anđa Petković has for all of the unemployed persons is that they should believe in themselves, be persistent and patient, because every business has its ups and downs, but one needs to carry on.

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