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    Having completed the vocational education for a vulcanizer, Mr. Alija Čukurija from Bugojno started working in a local Vulcanizer Shop, where he gained knowledge, experience and had a practical training. Back in the 1990’s he was employed in the “Gračanica” Coal Mine, and along with this employment he started his own small business by registering his Vulcanizer Shop in Bugojno in 1996. The years of experience helped him in getting his work appreciated and valued by customers, which is the most important success factor. Mr. Alija transferred his know-how onto his son, who supports his own family by working in his father’s Vulcanizer Shop.

    In improving and expanding his business, Mr. Čukurija received great support from EKI loans that ensured funds for the purchase of car jacks, professional machines for balancing of tires, etc. Mr. Alija stated that he is the only one in the Bugojno region who can balance the car and motorcycle tires.

    The Vulcanizer Shop owned by Mr. Alija Čukurija offers the services of tires mounting, engine and brakes oil replacement, and anti-corrosion protection of vehicles.

    Mr. Alija thinks that the keys to his success are hard work, commitment and dedication, and his message to all those who would like to get engaged in the same or similar business is that without hard work and commitment they will not reach success.

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