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    Agricultural Cooperative “EKO PLOD”


    Agricultural Cooperative “EKO PLOD” from Modriča was founded in June 2008. It has 6 cooperative members, led by the director Mrs. Tatjana Stevanović, a Graduate Technologist.

    The cooperative was founded with the aim of buying raw materials, fruits and vegetables from small producers and farmers, processing them into quality domestic products and placing them on the market. Currently, it focuses only on the domestic market, several retail chains, dormitories, while their expansion is planned throughout BiH.

    In addition to the help from the municipality, the cooperative members are trying to finance themselves by marketing their products themselves and thus providing funds for the purchase of raw materials. One type of self-financing is EKI loans, which helped them achieve this goal. In addition to homemade juices, syrups, tomato puree and various types of pickled products (peppers, cucumbers, “turšija”), they also produce sour cabbage, known for its quality and good price, various types of jams, teas, and even marinated mushrooms.

    Also, the director notes that they also own a dryer within their facility where they dry plums for their own needs, but also for the needs of local residents.

    Their wish is to expand to the market of the whole of BiH. They see social networks as a ticket to the world of marketing, and they are also members of the EKI Business Club, whose users they are, is considered a useful tool for promoting and selling products. Confirmation of that is the placement they achieved through the EKI Business Club, whose users will remain in the future.

    The director of the cooperative, Tatjana Stevanović, says that with a little effort and will, anything is possible. It is very important to be present among people, on social networks, no matter what kid of a business one is in.

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