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    Microcredit Company EKI (MCC EKI) was established in October 2013 through a purchase of Microcredit Enterprise Adria from Mostar, which was done by Microcredit Foundation EKI followed by a change in the name of the Enterprise from MCC Adria to MCC EKI.

    The founder of the MCC EKI is Microcredit Foundation EKI.

    Over a very short period of time the MCC EKI, a young company in its conception phase that started with loans disbursement in June 2014, achieved very good results in winning the microcredit market, which is confirmed by the portfolio size and a number of clients that is growing daily.

    MCC EKI is today one of the leading microcredit institutions in BiH, and currently has more than 16,300 customers who use loans in the value of over 155 million BAM.

    For the very start the MCC EKI has an utterly serious and accountable approach to business in order to provide timely, fair and correct services to its clients and to lay solid foundations, which will ensure continuity and quality in business for future.

    The loans offered by the MCC EKI are for the most part aimed at improving of businesses of registered farmers and of SMEs.

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