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    Abdulah Džafo from Višegrad is engaged in making masonry indoor fireplaces and outdoor baking furnaces and barbecues. After completing elementary school in Višegrad, he enrolled in Sarajevo “Vocational School“ and upon graduating he went to Herceg Novi where he contracted his first job by pure coincidence. He then discovered his own talent and continued to educate himself and work simultaneously. At first it took him up to 15 days to produce one fireplace, and today it goes much faster. Given that his sons were not interested in this kind of business and that he needed help, he engaged an apprentice who he went through an on-the-job-training and significantly helped. Mr. Džafo says that the key to his success is a precise and responsible work. Each fireplace that he produces is fully functional and does not serve as a home or garden decoration only. He laughed and said that his work comes with at least one hundred years guarantee.

    According to him, this business, like any other, requires certain investments, so EKI loans helped a great deal especially when he needed to buy expensive machines or equipment for his business. “It is easier to distribute the expenditure through monthly installments“, says Mr. Abdulah.

    This business is the only source of income for the Džafo family, and thanks to the quality of work and good customer recommendations, they have no problem with product placement.

    Mr. Abdulah’s message to all those who live off their own work that they should perform all of their tasks as if they were doing them for themselves personally.

    “EKI Business Club is a great service for clients. There are plenty of good things to buy, and also it’s an opportunity to advertise one’s business. The advice, tips and stories are very interesting. I plan to continue advertising and I also keep track of the successes of people who are not afraid to work“, said Mr. Abdulah.

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