• 5th European Microfinance Day : Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

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    5th European Microfinance Day : Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs


    The European Microfinance Day was launched in 2015 as a tool to highlight the impact of the microfinance sector in Europe from a social and an economic perspective.

    The main objectives of the European Microfinance Day are:

    1. To raise awareness among European citizens on the existence of microfinance and on its value to fight unemployment and social exclusion.
    2. To draw the attention of European media on how microfinance works in Europe and how it supports and helps the unemployed and European citizens excluded from the traditional financial sector.
    3. To exchange experiences within the European microfinance sector by giving visibility to the work of EMN & MFC members.
    4. To allow local members to draw the spotlight on their achievements and their missions at local level

    These objectives remain the same and they will define the spirit of the 5th European Microfinance Day, articulated around one of the core promises of our sector :

    Empowering tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

    EKI, as a member of the microfinance sector, is fully dedicated to compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct. By financing business start-up or agriculture, with the aim to reduce unemployment, by being socially responsible to our clients, and by providing them with extra services such as free-of-charge advertising of their products and services through EKI Newsletter, EKI is demonstrating and confirming its commitment to fulfilling the main goals of the “European Microfinancing Day”.

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