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    50th Jubilee Issue of the EKI Newsletter


    50th Jubilee Issue of the EKI Newsletter

    In an effort to help our clients and improve the standards of local communities in which they live and work, EKI has been offering a completely free-of-charge service called EKI Business Club (EBC) for the past five years. The main goal of this project is to enable networking among our clients through a printed publication of the Newsletter that contains advertisements posted by members of the EBC in reference to their offer and demand of various types of goods and services. On top of the ads posted by the EBC members, the EKI Newsletter also contains many other useful features such as tips and advice on agriculture, small business, and articles on financial and Internet education. In this way, our clients have the opportunity to communicate with each other, exchange experiences of the businesses they run, and most importantly they have the opportunity to make a purchase or sale of goods and services in a very simple and free-of-charge way, which certainly has a positive impact on their businesses.

    This September we shall publish the 50th Jubilee Issue of the EKI Newsletter, which speaks in favor of our clients’ satisfaction with this type of service. In addition to this, it is worth noting that the annual circulation of the EKI Newsletter exceeds 250,000 copies, which makes us certain that the clients have recognized the positive effects of this project.

    You can get your own Jubilee Issue of the EKI Newsletter at the nearest EKI office or you can download it here.

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