• 4th European Microfinance Day


    4th European Microfinance Day

    The 4th European Microfinance Day is being celebrated throughout Europe today under the slogan „E=MC2“.

    ON this occasion the world’s famous Albert Einstein’s formula has been adapted and has a different meaning with “E” standing for Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Employment… which comes as a result of MicroCredit to the square ^2.

    In other words, access to microcredits and financial services, for those who are excluded from traditional banking, in combination with non-financial services, such as mentoring, advisory, training for business development, have exponential effect on the position of the beneficiaries and the society.

    The main role of the microcredit sector is to ensure availability of financing to all citizens in BiH. EKI, as a member of the European microfinance sector, is very dedicated to covering all of the segments of the market, in terms of target groups and in terms of presence on the field. Therefore, EKI has one of the strongest networks of 77 offices, with plans for additional expansion. With adequate products, motivated and well-trained staff members, we give all citizens the possibility to get a loan in an easy and simple way.

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