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    20 Years of MCF EKI

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    Dear All,

    The year ahead of us is of special importance to the Microcredit Foundation EKI. Namely, this is the year that marks the twentieth anniversary of EKI’s existence and successful business in the BIH market, which makes us extremely proud. It is with great pleasure that we share this information with you as it is thanks to your trust and loyalty that we have accomplished the results worth every attention and admiration.

    In our business we strive to build long-term partnerships based on transparency, fair and correct relations with clients. The proof that our business has been led in accordance with the best practices is the SMART Certificate, which in 2013 was awarded to EKI as one of the very first five institutions in the world to hold this certificate, and it was renewed in 2015. This Certificate confirms that EKI follows and observes all of the seven very strict clients’ protection principles, which are fully implemented in our business.

    This jubilee is of utmost importance to us, because we know that over the past two decades we have, together with you, achieved a lot of success in all segments of our business. With the help of the financial services that we have been providing you all with, activities in the micro sector and in agriculture have been started and strengthened, many residential and commercial buildings have been built and the quality of life in many households has been improved. Listening carefully to your suggestions we have tried to continuously upgrade our products and services and to adjust them to the needs of our clients. Understanding your needs for the loan sizes over 10.000 BAM we established a microcredit enterprise that offers loans up to 50.000 KM. In order to make the process of obtaining a loan easier for you and to save your precious time, we have provided our Loan Officers with the latest equipment that enables them to carry out all of the loan application processing work wherever suits you the best – at your home or at your workplace. We started the EKI Business Club as an additional service for our clients with the goal to better promote our products and services in the market and to provide you with additional useful information.

    The main purpose of EKI is to be active in local communities by providing financial support to households that require such assistance but have no access to the funds available through banks or the access to banks is rather difficult for them. In addition to that aspect of our business it is important to note that EKI is a socially responsible organization. Over the past two decades we have implemented a series of socially responsible and humanitarian activities by which we helped a great number of children and institutions that work with children.

    Our goal, and we are certain it is your goal too, is to continue this successful cooperation in the future and thus create better living conditions for ourselves, our families and the generations to come.

    We hope to have many more jubilees like this one, which will be marked with our mutual success.


    Jednostavno EKI

    Sadina Bina - Generalni direktor MKF EKI

    Sadina Bina

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