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    Small Business Loans are designed for entrepreneurs who have small businesses, or who wish to start-up their own business, as well as for those who wish to improve or expand their existing business. The EKI Loan for Small Business will help you improve your business in the simplest way.

    • Loan size from 300 to 10.000 BAM
    • Repayment period of up to 66 months
    • Grace period of max. 6 months
    • Loan processing fee 2,00%
    • The MCF EKI disburses/approves loans in BAM currency as indexed in EUR per the average exchange rate of the BiH Central Bank on the day of Loan Agreement
    • Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) is fixed and calculated on annual level, while its value depends on the loan size and ranges from 18,00% to 21,00% as laid out in the table below:
    Loan Size Up to 4.000 BAM from 4.001 BAM
    to 10.000 BAM
    Max. repayment period
    42 months 66 months
    NIR 21,00% 18,00%
    EIR FBiH/DB 24,71% 20,62%
    EIR RS 24,81% 20,64%

    The given Effective Interest Rate (EIR) values were calculated for the maximum loan size and maximum repayment period.

    Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is an interest rate that reflects all of the expenses related to the loan, including the Nominal Interest rate (NIR) and its value depends on the loan size and the length of the repayment period. The difference in calculation of EIR in the territory of BiH Federation/Brčko District BiH and the Republic of Srpska occurs due to different legislation regulating the expenses related to the EIR and in reference to the overall loan-related expenses. The calculation of EIR in BiH Federation and Brčko District BiH includes the loan processing fee, while in the Republic of Srpska on top of all of the referenced expenses the calculation also includes all other expenses related to the use of loan.

    Example of calculation of the Effective Interest rate (EIR):

    Type of Loan Loan Size Repayment Period NIR Loan Processing Fee EIR FBiH/DB EIR RS
    Small Business
    10.000 BAM 66 months 18,00% 2,00% 20,62% 20,64%

    Table with an overview of monthly installments

    Small Business Loans

    Loan Size (BAM)
    Repayment Period / months
    12 24 36 42 48 60
    1.000  93  51  38
    3.000  279  154  113
    4.000  372  206  151  135
    5.000  458  250  181  161  147  127
    10.000  917  499  362  323  294  254

    Koristeći kreditni kalkulator možete dobiti okvirne informacije o iznosu mjesečne rate, otplatnom planu i ukupnom zaduženju za kredit koji vas zanima. Napomena: Podaci su informativnog karaktera, služe u svrhu opšteg informisanja i mogu se razlikovati od zvaničnih EKI uslova u trenutku podnošenja zahtjeva. Molimo vas da se za sve detaljne informacije obratite vama najbližoj EKI kancelariji.

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